4beauty Acupuncture Electro Device Pen (Cream)

Intelligent: Automatically find points, Audio Tips, intelligent and easy. Adjusting the sensitivity of points detection according to yourskin type and skin condition. Suitable for: It can relieve the pain of cervical vertebrae, shoulders, waist, migraine, sports injuries, muscle and joint pain, back pain, feet and other pain. Easy to use: The user-friendly design, easy to operate, a Dual Purpose Machine, Smart Jets and Massage. We use lithium batteries that can be recharged and reatment probe can be replaced. The best gift: the best gift for those with pain symptoms for their loved ones.
2.Acupuncture pen with 3 massage head: Instead of acupuncture needles,Electronic acupuncture pen use 3 probe,1.Big for body.2.Beauty probe for face.3.Small for ear & head.
3.Product Features: â— Intelligent acupoint detection.â—Star treatment by one button. â— Have sound signal and the display screen when locating acupuncture point.â— 10 levels SEN(sensitivity) of acupoint locator can be adjusted according to different skin type condition.â—10 levels Intensity 10 levels adjustment treatment strenghth and feeling. â— Easy to carry, easy to operate.Pocket docotor,portable meridian experts.â— Buzzer and high NUMERICAL for successful acupuncture point location
5.Electronic acupunture pen are with US FDA approved. Be sure to purchase one to relieve your acupuncture pain,tension
4.Acupuncture pen Application: Good for human wrist, elbow ,ankle, knee, neck, waist, face or other parts which have acupoints.