Aasan Chair Yoga Meditation Backache Healer Chair, Saffron Chair (Saffron)- Pack of 5 + 1 Chair Free

Aasan Chair is specially designed to maintain the perfect body posture of the vertebral column while sitting in Sukhasan. The shape of the back of the chair is designed to support maximum rest and comfort for our back. The acupressure points B13, B14, B15, B18, B19, B20, and B21 are pressed automatically in this position.

NOTE: Buy 5 chairs and Get 1 Chair FREE!!!!!
Flexible Lumber Curve: This is an additional feature to give extraordinary relief to backache patient. Due to this unique feature, after a long sitting, if you want to stretch your back then you can enjoy extra comfort and a healing pressure in the lower back region. The acupressure points B23, B47, B48, GB30 located in the lower back are compressed naturally thus relieving the backache and associated muscles.
Appropriate Knee Flexion: Most of us are not having a perfect yogic body. So, we cannot sit in Sukhasan with complete knee flexion for long hours. We feel more comfortable if we can sit with a little more open knee. Swami Ji Aasan chair is exactly designed for the same.
Maintenance of Proper Blood Flow: Appropriate knee flexion helps in maintaining proper blood flow through our lower limbs thus preventing the numbness which most of us experience after sitting in sukhasan for long hours.
Role in Digestion:Pressing the calf muscles is a well-known Indian way of Improving digestion. It is an age-old technique for balancing the center of gravity. The acupressure points (Stomach 34, 36, 38, 40) are pressed in Sukhasan. NOTE: Buy 5 chairs and Get 1 Chair FREE!!!!!