BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Cloud Type Massage | Airbags System | Bluetooth Connectivity | Zero Gravity Feature | Multiple Massage Modes | Head Massage with Extra Belt for Head | Improve Blood Flow | Back Pain Relief | Relaxation Massage Chair | 1 Year warranty

Bodyfriend 4D technology Automatic massage chair keeps you relaxed. It helps in relieving muscle tension and aids in better blood circulation. Zero gravity massage chair improves sleeping Quality. This 4D zero gravity massage chair provides a relaxing and comfortable massage. This 4D massage chair gives you back massage, head Massage, cloud type airbag massage. Massage chair for home, full-body machine automatic, zero gravity massaging chair for home. Best cover cost cushion massage electric doing full-body electronic zero gravity legs of pad portable sofa ultimate bed with under infinity vending vibration.1 Year On-site warranty.
Head Massage provides relaxing and comfortable massage. Multiple Massage Modes.
Helps in relieving muscle tension and aids better blood circulation Zero gravity massage chair improves the sleeping Quality.
4D massage chair gives you back massage, cloud type airbag massage, foot rollers.
Combination of Various Massage Techniques : Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing and Vibration ; Zero Gravity Space Saving Design ; Bluetooth Music Sync with Speakers 3D Kneading and Rubbing Massage on Calf ; Scrapping Massage to Improve Blood Circulation in Foot Soles & Calves ; Special X-twist Waist Massage for Waist Flexibility ; Stretching Massage to Relieve Tired Muscles.
Year On-site Warranty, Toll Free: 1800-270-4545