Captiva Intellegent 3D Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Comfort Relaxation Massager and Pain Relief for Full Body- BROWN

Relife Captiva Intellegent 3D Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair is equipped with a set of 3D intelligent, silent massage hands that can move up and down, stretching forward and backward, as well as sideways. 4 wheels massage mechanism performs kneading, tapping, shiatsu, pummel massage and so on. Imitating Zero Gravity capsule chair of NASA, completely release the pressure according to even supporting Air pressure massage for shoulder (armrests (2 double-layers air bags) Air pressure massage for arms hide in fashionable armrests (4 air bags each side) Air pressure massage for footrest (6 air bags) Heating therapy for waist Extendable footrest, elongate 19cm in maximum Rolling massage for feet (3 rollers for each sole of foot) MP3, with speaker Touch screen controller with VFD display The footrest can be extended 20cm to suit people with different height. Equipped with a variety of functions, such as: comfort, relaxation, pain relief, quick massage experience, waist stretch, full air pressure, plus a host of other massage functions specific to the new concept. OPTO sensor device helps massage mechanism finding various people neck exactly and giving people best neck massage together with curve orbit and super long massage distance on back.
The “SL†back rail is engineered to match the curvature of the human back, thus allowing for maximum massage touch points of the mechanical rollers. Additionally, the bio mechanical rollers have been engineered to mimic the massage techniques and feel of the human hand.
Relife Captiva 3D Massage Chair utilizes 8 bio magnets, helping to energize and rejuvenate the body at the cellular level. Additional features include: the “stretch†mode thus helping to stretch the back’s vertebra relieving nerve pressure.
Relife Captiva 3D Massage Chair not only provides an unprecedented back massage, it also is a complete full-body massage chair equipped with 28 total airbags along with a massive air pump which provides a compression massage for your feet, legs, arms, shoulders, and hips.
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