FA INDUSTRIES Wooden Acupressure Back Massager Back Pain Relief Body Massager Of 6 Massage Roller (5×1) In, Handle massager (5×3 In), Jimmy massager (5×1 In) Brown colour (Only Massager Manufacturering)

Wooden Back massager :- It depends on pressure point massage/needle therapy treatment. It gives delicate a smooth back rub to the body. It is made of wood to give regular back rub impact. The energy wooden hand roller has been planned based on old pressure point massage and ayurvedic chiefs. Ideal for accupressure rub, and invigorating blood flow, in this way loosening up solid muscles, joints and expanding energy levels. The roller can utilized over different body parts to give unwinding and comfort- – explicitly for back agony, sciatica and shoulder torment. The wooden hand roller is additionally successful on joints. Jimmy massager :-Two-way jimmy with a roller in the center Simple yet advance tool for doing it your self-treatment. Handle massager :- Wooden acupressure massager is made with Single spiked roller placed between both the hands and with a to-and-fro movement applies pressure on full hand. For special points of your Hands.
Useful in Back Pain releif. Energy roll with handle having acupressure points for body massage.
Accupressure tools for blood circulation or complete relief from pain
Best Gift Item for Mother, Father, Grandfather , Grandmother, Brother, Sister