Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair with Recliner and powerful 3D back and Leg Massage

Lifelong Massage Chair is designed with various sets of massage mechanisms. One set is specially designed for neck which can be adjusted up and down. Set with 3 simulation massage methods: Kneading, tapping, sync with kneading and tapping. These type of massages will provide you relief from back pain. Moreover you can adjust the intensity of massage and move rollers up and down on your back. Strong rollers are installed on the top of the machine to provide you comforting neck massage. You can adjust the itensity and position of these rollers simply with a push of a button. You can also control the intensity of air pressure pressure massage for hands, legs and calf. This recliner full body massaging chair is designed out of supreme quality leather that gives an elegant finish. In-built bluetooth speakers have been installed so as to improve your massage experience. The Lifelong Recliner Full Body Massage Chair delivers massage proven to help minimize stress and remove stiffness and tension. Mobile USB charger is designed in front on the panel.
Combination of massage techniques: It offers wide roller coverage with various functions like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze
Recliner: For complete relaxation, the massager also has a recliner which helps in stretching the entire body to provide relief to tired muscles
Warranty: 1-year brand warranty with an extended warranty of 6 months when registering on the manufacturer’s web site within 15 days of purchase
Digital Panel: There is a panel attached to the seat which helps in controlling the intensity of the massage rollers at various points of the body