Lifelong Rechargeable Pain Relief Knee Massager for Arthritis and Muscle Pain

Lifelong LLM189 Knee Massager comes with heating , vibration and air pressure massage for relieving pain from your knees. This massager increases blood and oxygen flow to the joint, resulting in pain relief and faster healing. It is designed for those who suffer from knee pain, inflammation, Oedema and stiffness in the tissues and also for those who do intense sports.There are 2 heating levels in this knee massager, 45? and 60? temperature and 5 vibration intensity levels. The massager can be used for 1.5 hours after fully charging for 4.5 hours, making it easy to use on the go.

You can Choose the temperature levels in this knee massager. Eliminates inflammation, reduces Oedema and stiffness in the tissues thereby providing instant relief from agony. You can turn off vibrations on your using a button
It is technically designed to offer soothing experience to multiple parts of the knee. It is an ideal choice for people with knee injuries and is artistically designed to fit into any knee
Knee massager for arthritis joint pain relief and swelling in the knees/joints or frozen shoulder
This hi-tech massager emits high frequency vibrations that directly reaches your swelling and pain zones