Lixo Massage Chair – LI6001B, New Premium Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair for Stress-relief, Space Saving Technology, Omnidirectional Stretch, Bluetooth Speaker, Foot Roller, Mobile App


Premium Zero Gravity massage chair is equipped with various types of massages. Automatically detect the position of the height. Every mode in the chair has different features designed for various requirements such as Boss Nursing, Queen Slimming, Soul Spa, Sports Refresh, Elite Care, Extension, Rest & Sleep, Working Relief, Neck & Shoulder, Waist & Spine, Deep Shiatsu Massage, Healthy Breath, Massage Extend, Force-3D protruding intensity, Part-3D massage part (Whole, Partial and Point massage)
The chair is crafted with an L-body shaped design which can give a human touch, automatic massage from neck to the toe. Heating is provided to reduce the stress and feel warmth. Built-in Bluetooth Speakers – Pair the chair with any Bluetooth-compatible device and listen to Surround stereo sounds like a wave of streaming audio. Slide structure design allows the massage chair to rest close to the wall, helps save at least 20% space taken.An experience beyond the dimension.
Automatic & Manual shoulder position adjusting option. Automatic & Manual adjustment of Back Incline & Recline, Footrest Extend & Retract. Automatic & Manual adjustment of Back Massage PART (Whole, Partial and point massage), Back Massage WIDTH (Wide, Medium and Narrow) and Massage SPEED (level 1 to 6 massage intensity). Automatic & Manual adjustment of Foot roller speed with level 1 to 3. Cutting edge technology of OPTO sensor for accurately detecting your shoulder.
WARRANTY: 5 Years On-Site Doorstep Warranty (3 Years On-Site Warranty + 2 Years On-Site Extended Free Warranty) for personal use only. 1 Year On-Site Doorstep Warranty for commercial use. Highest Warranty in the industry ever. AMC available. Detachable Headrest, Back & seat cushion. Removable hand Polycotton Fabric (Skin Friendly) material for easy wash. Lixo mobile App is available for controlling the functionalities and operations. A perfect gift for your loved ones.