MOHAK Premium Fat Remove Slimming Belt Impressive Body Slimmer 3 in 1 Magnetic Vibration Plus Belt Massager Vibration Sauna Slim Belt Slimming Healthy Diet Fat Burner and Weight Loss

Combining di-directional power motion and double kneading Duo Plus Technology, the stylish Abdominal Toning Massage Belt breaks down fatty tissue in the tummy, butt and thighs, tighten muscles and create a perfectly trimmed body when combined with an effective diet plan. Wraps this powerful belt easily around your sore and tired muscles to relieve aches and pain. It provides with the choice to choose among the multi-speed intensity massaging needs. For its easy operation, its control panel has a backlit button with 1 touch remote control. For the best result, it has an auto timer having a session of 10 minutes. Staying trim and healthy just got easier with the belt and extension belt included to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.
Clock time the heating function
Innovative double electrical technology
Solve the problem of constipation and dispel toxins and maintain beauty without taking medicine,doing exercises and going on a diet.
Can be used on the waist, hip, thigh, arm, etc