Nourish Self Sticking Round Felt Pads Non Skid Floor Protector Furniture Noise Insulation Pad (Cream, 1.5, 1, 0.75 Inch) -100 Pieces

You go to great lengths to protect your flooring, sometimes even designating certain areas as “shoe-free zones†to prevent scuffs and scratches. Often, your floor’s worst enemy lives in the room . Unprotected furniture legs can grind dirt and debris into your floor’s finish, and heavier pieces of furniture can actually gouge flooring and leave deep, permanent indentations. Protect your flooring from these hazards by using our Self-Stick Round Felt Pads Easy to use and won’t harm furniture Self-Stick Round Felt Pads attach to the feet of furniture and chairs, acting as a buffer between them and your floor. Simply peel the backing from the self-stick pads and position them on the furniture legs. The non-marking felt pads will protect your flooring, even helping your furniture to glide more easily if you need to move them, and can help to stabilize chairs and tables that have a little wobble to them Three sizes accommodate all furniture sizes Our Self-Stick Round Felt Pads come in a 100-piece variety pack of three different sizes, appropriate for the smallest chairs and the largest tables and bureaus. You will receive: 40 felt pads of 0.75 inch diameter; 40 felt pads of 1 inch diameter; and 12 felt pads of 1.5 inch diameter. This should let you apply felt pads to 20 individual pieces of furniture You would use a coaster to protect furniture from a sweaty drink glass. Protect your flooring from your furniture Add our Self-Stick Round Felt Pads to your cart today
THREE sizes for furniture of all sizes. 3/4†(19mm), 1†(25mm) and 1.5†(38mm) round felt pads. Total 100 Pcs.
FURNITURE glides easily and silently across surfaces
HEAVY-DUTY adhesive backing keeps felt rounds firmly in place when furniture slides or is relocated
EASY peel-and-stick application requires no tools and will not damage furniture