Osim uJolly Lower Back Massager Machine for Shoulder,Neck,Back Massage for pain relief and relaxation in Car Seat and Office Chair

Osim uJolly Shoulder,Neck,Back Massager for pain relief and relaxation (Red) have multiple benefits like it boost your happy hormones,helps with muscle recovery it also has a heat feature which calm down the nervous system,soothe your muscles and tissues and enhance blood flow in the whole body.Osim ujolly not only presses your joints and muscles it also relaxes them and involves stretching them to release you from stiffness caused due to lack of physical activity. As your muscles will be more relaxed and freer,you will be energized with lot of positive energy is boosted in your body that relieves the mind from stress and helps you sleep better also Versatile usage of ujolly: Osim ujolly is a perfect massage companion anytime, anywhere, conveniently fits onto most chairs, sofas, loungers and beds in your living space,and its stylish design complements any home decor.Customized massage – select shoulders position (hi / lo) adjustments according to your height before an auto massage program starts.Personalize the massage the way you like it by choosing ‘rolling & tapping’ or ‘press-grip’ manual massage program.Osim ujolly provides one-stop relief for your neck,shoulders and back,its innovative dual-action press-grip massage delivers a targeted massage for deep tissue relief,loosening stiff and aching muscles.

Osim uJolly full body massager has cushioned seat that provides one stop relief for your neck, shoulder and back.
With this electric full body massager for pain relief makes your tensed muscles relaxed.
This shoulder, neck and back massager is combined with a suite of specialized programs and power packed warmth that works really well on the body parts.
With this uJolly massager, you get 4 automated massage programs from which you can select any program as per your preference.