Silistar acupressure massager balls set of 4 for Body Stress Relief (Wooden Combo Ball Massager)/wooden hand massager ball/palm massagers/finger massager/accupresure hand massagers/hand

Made from very high quality wood. This product is mainly used for full body massage and helps in maintaining blood pressure. brings you the traditional art of Indian artists by offering you the most beautiful wooden handycraft products made by the rural artists of India, Authentic design!! Not a replice!! All are made by Rural Artists of India!! So buy them & promote India. Perfect acupressure tool to stimulate energy, blood circulation and blocked nerves. After usage feel partial or complete relief from pain, stress and tiredness.
Wooden Acupressure Multicoloured Combo Body Massager Balls Buy Them & Promote Indian Rural Artists!!
Gift item for mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister