SOBO 2020 3D Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair with 30 Air Bags (Brown)

Zero gravity design 2. Lcd display 3. Silent robotic device for the back with bionic hand massage techniques 4. Adjustable amplitude massage gear and adjustable intensity gear for the backrest. 5. 4 Automatic massage programs : relaxed / fatigue / sleep 6. Professional massage techniques with rolling / shiatsu / kneading / tapping / knocking 7. Whole body air pressure massage, 2 airbags for head, 2 airbags for shoulder, 4 airbags for arms, 5 airbags for hips and seats, 6 airbags for legs, 10 airbags for feet. 8. 3 Gear adjustments for air pressure intensity 9. Electronic adjustment for backrest and leg angle. 10. Foot roller massage with adjustable intensity 11. Build-in speaker to connect to the audio for playback.
Hubot promises to provide ultimate rejuvenation and ecstatic relaxation for who need a professional full-body massage therapy
Powerful 3D performance with massage system with high elasticity massage balls that protrude to every inch you need
Head massage available for anti-stress feature
Rhythmic special technology for air-cell movements to give blood circulations and increase oxygen levels. Individual control on / off with 6 intensity levels