Sobo 3D calf, foot, and knee massager With heating function Foot Massage Rollers Equipped with 20 massage rollers And 30 Air Bag (Yellow)

3 Massage Speeds The intensity of the massage may be adjusted, in order to offer maximum comfort to the user. The massager has 3 massage speeds, and height can also be adjusted in order to offer the user the most relaxing position possible. Also, it can be turned over and fixed in any position. Incorporated Remote Control With the incorporated remote control, all settings can be performed with much ease. Heat Therapy System for the Knee The massager is equipped with a heating system which can be activated by pressing the HEATING THERAPY button. The system heats up the knee area using carbon fiber heating technology. he Perfect Gift. Leg Beautification The massager uses additional air bags for calf and knee massage. This function activates blood circulation, enhancing the sensation of wellbeing. A combination of 30 air bags of different sizes fully wrap around your calves and knees, in order to offer you a thorough massage.