SOBO Massage Chair For Home Full Body

SOBO MASSAGE CHAIR Features 1. Smart shoulder detection offers better shoulder and neck massage. Four massage rollers simulating manual massage simulating manual massage along L shape super long track from neck to thigh, up to 137cm. More delicate massage techniques. 2. 24V carbon fiber heating function for the back. 3. Zero gravity and space saving design. Backrest slides up and down on rail so as to extend lifetime of the cylinder. 4. Leg part: two-way stretch mechanism to allow effective massage at different points; air pressure massage to the calves and additional kneading and tossing on the inner sides by original design. 5. Soles scraping massage with three groups of rollers. 6. Zero gravity and space saving luxury capsule design without separating the armrest. 7. TFT navigation remote controller; 8 automatic massage therapies. 8. Top-level PU leather with 10 years hydrolysis resistance.
â—Three kinds of airbag massage intensity adjustment â—Six manual massage modes (beat, quick beat, Shiatsu, knead, knead, knead) â—Three kinds of massage speed adjustment â—Bottom of the foot roller scrapping massage â—Three kinds of robot arm width adjustment â—Spot massage â—The manipulator moves up and down to adjust
â—Waist heating â—Pause function â—Set for 10-20-30 minutes
Pause function â—Ambient Light â—Wireless Bluetooth audio can be connected to mobile phones â—Adjustable backrest angle