Soulflower Sesame Carrier Oil, 225ml for Hair and Skin 100%Pure, Natural and Coldpressed (Til/Gingelly)

Soulflower sesame carrier oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamins d, c, e, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Traditionally known for its therapeutic skin and hair care applications, soulflower cold pressed sesame carrier oil is a perfect oil remedy for all skin and hair types. With richness of antioxidants and antiviral properties this oil effectively nourishes skin and heals sunburn. With high omega-6 contents sesame oil tightens facial skin making it soft, supple and glowing. This oil controls premature greying, promotes hair growth, protects hair from harmful sunlight, soothes and conditions dry hair and clears dandruff.

✅ HAIR BENEFITS: This Nourishing oil is widely known for hair growth. Richness of vitamin E, B complex in this oil helps to strengthen hair from the roots and nourishes from the deep. It also helps in controlling premature greying, helps to repair damage and also acts as a leave-in conditioner giving shiner & healthier hair.
✅ SKIN BENEFITS: It helps in lightening marks, and slows down the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. It is a natural moisturiser so it provides deep hydration to the skin and rejuvenates skin. Using as a massage oil sesame helps to detoxify the skin.
✅ MULTIPLE QUALITIES: Sesame oil is capable of penetrating deep into the pores of skin and roots of hair. It moisturizes, adds a smooth texture to your skin and hair. Add it to your daily bath. Use it with your daily moisturizer for your skin. Mix with Essential oil to massage on the scalp. There are many DIYs that use Sesame Carrier oil which benefit the skin & hair.
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â¤ï¸ Cruelty Free, Vegan, Natural, Locally Sourced from Bharat, Made in India, Indian FDA, US FDA
â¤ï¸ Preservative Free | Mineral Oil Free | Paraben Free