Relaxing Tired Foot Muscles Better Blood Circulation In Feet Stimulating Acupressure Points In Foot Sole. We are one of the most reliable companies in this domain and are into offering Blood Circulation Machine. There is an old Chinese saying “Good circulation and breathing keeps a body healthyâ€. Exercising is one way to maintain sound health. In order to promote the proper way to a healthy body, we proudly introduce the health care device “Blood Circulatory Massager (BCM)†machine. BCM is one of the most effective exercise devices for restoring circulation of lymph and blood. This product has integrated many theories through its unique design and modern technology, such as meridian science of BCM, human engineering, biomagnetics, bioholography, qigong regimen, acupuncture and moxibustion to ensure maximum benefits to our body. This machine also gives the body’s muscles a high-speed workout by using vibrations to stimulate them to contract and relax frequently. It is claimed that 15 minutes on the Blood Circulatory Massager is equivalent to two hours of rigorous exercise. Functions Regulates the meridians, smoothens Qi (energy) and blood, supplies oxygen, dispels toxin and prolongs life. Cleans blood vessel to facilitate blood circulation and enhances metabolism. Strengthens visceral function; and improves digestive and absorption function. Activates cell and improves immunity. Enhances the balance of internal secretion by stimulating and massaging the reflex points. Regulates blood microcirculation which helps in facial beautification and health caring. Assists in reducing weight. Aids in respiratory disorders, arthritis, low backache, sciatica, stiff joints and muscles. Clears skin problems. Frees up tight joints and organs Removes blockages from channels and blood vessels Relaxes the muscles. Relieves frozen shoulder, fatigue, numbness & many more. spiral vibration supports 150 kg
Better Blood Circulation Massager Machine In Feet Stimulating Acupressure Points In Foot Sole
To establishing connections between classical Western science and knowledge accumulated by the medicine of the Orient, since ancient times. High effectiveness and simplicity of SuJok therapy contributes to quick spreading of the method in various countries. SuJok rings are traditionally used to give the body energy, concentration, health and more. This SuJok therapy ring is used while you study, work on computer or after playing instruments like guitar, harmonium and tabla or driving a car.
Ideal for house wives, office executives, students, sports persons etc…..