Tourmaline Black Magnet Mattress With 987 Korean Hexagon Stones For Heat & Energy Therapy Heating Pad

Tourmaline Black Magnet Hexagon Mattress/ Mat”. It blocks harmful electro-magnetic waves. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) promote regeneration of cells and fast healing. Black Magnet Hexagon Mattress Emits 500-700 negative ions per qubic centimeter which helps in excretion of body toxins and activates cells and tissues. 30 to 40 minutes of daily therapy relieves muscles spasms and relieves pain. It helps Respiratory, Digestive and Excretory Systems..D MEDICAL ASSURES YOU THE BEST QUALITY

Blocks harmful electro magnatic waves.
Emits 500-700 negative ions per qubic centimeter.
FIR improves blood circulation regulates body temperature.
Purifies blood and blances blood PH Level and promotes Metabolism.