Vidhi Sales Vibrating Body Massager Bed Cushion Head Neck Leg for Massage with Remote Control

The massage blanket is equipped with a controller which is easy to use and controls 9 massagers in 4 areas of the body, and with function of heating and relieving. 1-Each massage area is supplied power separately. To activate a specific massage area, slide the switch to the desired area of the position HI (High) or LO (Low). 2-You can activate the massage area or a combination area at the same time. The DEL lights indicate areas selected. 3-Massage area of the body (Area 1: Neck & Shoulders. Area 2: Top and bottom of the back. Area 3: Legs. Area 4: Calves.) Put the massage blanket on your favorite chair, and fix it firmly with elastic straps. You can also set the cushion with the elastic strap to raise your neck and your shoulders for a relaxing massage. The reversible imitation sheepskin blanket can be wrapped using the practical elastic straps as illustrated, and the design of winding is easy to carry and store.
Massage mattress emits soothing heat providing a relaxing massage for your entire body.
Full Body Massager Bed / Mattress with 9 motor vibrator massage bed
Relax yourself and enjoy your massage. after finishing, roll the mat and store it safely.
Head, Shoulder, Waist, hips, feet Vibrating Mattress